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Raising professional standards in the ProAV industry while helping technicians become more successful.

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The Six Figure System

If you are an AV Tech or you are considering becoming one, our proven system can help you become a six-figure income earner. It doesn't happen overnight but our system equips you with the tools and methods to help you grow your business and your personal brand. With the right technical knowledge, our proven methods and techniques, and access to work through our technician program, you will be on your way to earning six-figures in no time.

Video Learning

Our video platform series gives you access to content, examples, methods, and training that prepare to become a better technician. This learning is easy and comprehensive.


We provide loads of information in an easy to understand format that when followed, increases your delivery quality and subsequently leads to making you a desired professional which is essential in being a 6-figure income earner.

Referral Network

Are you or someone you know an experienced AV Technician? Join our referral network program which provides qualified technicians with project opportunities in all 50 states and Canada.

"The Six Figure AV Tech model was designed by an AV Technician to Raise Professional Standards in the ProAV industry while helping fellow techs become more successful."

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"When the Pandemic struck, The Six Figure AV team did everything to make sure that I always had enough work to feed my family. I wouldn’t have made it Without Six Figure AV."
Steve Craver